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Experience the transformative capabilities of Sound Sensors, enabling accurate and reliable sound analysis for your projects. Whether you're a hobbyist, engineer, or student, our Sound Sensors empower you to delve into the realm of sound and unlock its potential.

Seamlessly integrate them into your systems, alongside other cutting-edge sensors like Light/Color Sensors, Line Sensors, and PIR/IR Optical Sensors, to create comprehensive solutions. From noise monitoring to audio recognition, our Sound Sensors provide the precision and sensitivity required for diverse applications.

Immerse yourself in the future of sensor technology and revolutionize your creations with the advanced capabilities of Sound Sensors. Gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and elevate your projects to new heights of innovation. Explore the power of sound with our high-performance Sound Sensors and unlock a world of possibilities.

SKU: RM000110
ISD1820 Voice Recording module board is based on ISD18B20, which is a single-chip single-message record/playback device. Recordings are stored into on-chip non-volatile memory, providing Zero-power message storage. With the embedded Flash memory employed, data retention up to 100 years and typical 1..
₹ 249.00
SKU: RM016113
This is ISD1820 Recording Module Voice Board With On Board Mic and Loud Speaker. The ISD1820 Recording Module Voice Board is the real easy way to add Voice Recording (and Playback) to your project. The Module can be operated directly by using the 3 Push-Buttons or with every microcontroller (ex. Ard..
₹ 132.00
SKU: RM016108
A sound sensor is defined as a module that detects sound waves through their intensity and converts it to electrical signals.The sound detection sensor module for Arduino detects whether the sound has exceeded a threshold value. Sound is detected via microphone and fed into an LM393 op-amp. The soun..
₹ 41.00
SKU: RM000304
The condenser microphone, or capacitor microphone or electrostatic microphone is a device which converting from sound energy into electrical energy. It’s working as a parallel plate capacitor and works on the principle of a variable capacitance. It consists of two plates, one fixed (called the back ..
₹ 45.00
SKU: RM000018
This Sound Sensor is a simple microphone transducer based sensor based on the Transistor Amplification which converts from sound energy into electrical energy, and it can be used to detect the sound strength of the environment. The value of output can be adjusted by the potentiometer.Features of Sou..
₹ 99.00
SKU: RM000291
This is an easy to use voice recognition module which communicates over UART protocol with the processor/controller board. 15 Voice commands can be stored in the memory of this voice recognition module and it will detect the voice whenever the same sound is captured by the microphone. The module is ..
₹ 1,999.00
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