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Limit Switch

A limit switch is a type of electrical switch commonly used in various applications, including 3D printers. It is designed to detect the presence or absence of an object and provide feedback to the control system. The primary function of a limit switch is to set physical limits or boundaries and ensure safe and accurate operation.

The limit switch consists of a mechanical lever or button that is actuated when an object comes into contact with it. When activated, it sends a signal to the control system, indicating the position of the object or the occurrence of a specific event. This information allows the control system to make informed decisions and execute appropriate actions.

In 3D printers, limit switches are often used to determine the home position of the printer's extruder or other moving parts. They help establish reference points and enable precise positioning during the printing process. By accurately identifying the starting position and boundaries of movement, limit switches assist in achieving consistent and reliable print results.

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