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An interface module, in the realm of electronic modules, is a versatile component that facilitates the seamless integration and communication between various electronic modules and audio devices. This module acts as a bridge, enabling the exchange of audio signals and data between different components within an electronic system.

With its specialized circuitry and connectors, the interface module provides standardized audio interfaces, such as analog or digital audio inputs and outputs, allowing electronic modules to transmit and receive audio information efficiently. Whether it's connecting audio modules in a sound system, audio recording equipment, or multimedia devices, the interface module ensures smooth interoperability and enhances the overall audio experience within electronic setups.

SKU: RM002383
It's a small USB to TTL serial tool, using the CP2102 chip. You can use it to connect serial devices to your PC via USB port. These have much better driver support than PL2303 and have more features compared to the PL2303. Ideal for programming Arduino Pro Mini, etc.Specifications:Onboard CP2102 USB..
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SKU: RM000010
USB to TTL Bridge is the easiest method to connect USB to TTL signal to PC via USB ideal for microcontroller board. The control circuit for the module is based on PL2303 circuit which makes it a full duplex USB to TTL converter. The PL-2303 operates as a bridge between one USB port and one standard ..
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AT24C256 Memory Module I2C Interface EEPROM Memory Module
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SKU: RM002204
1- 8P onboard chip holder, install AT24C256 chip; 2 -pin power supply, on-board power indicator; 3 -onboard I2C communications required pull-up resistor; 4 -All pins are drawn and marked, and the address input pins can directly write protection jumper settings; 5-PCB board Dimens..
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SKU: RM002208
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SKU: RM000837
The SIM card holder used to hold the SIM used in different GSM based Diploma, B.TECH, M.TECH projects.Features of Robotic Sim Card Holder:Long life.Ease to use.Ease of interfacing.Applications of Robotic Sim Card Holder:These are used in different robotics applications.GSM based Electrical/Electroni..
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SKU: RM001189
This is a SIM card holder breakout used for ease interface in projects for various works.Features of SIM Card Holder Breakout without SIM Card Holder:Easy to use.Easy to interface.SMD Type.Applications of SIM Card Holder Breakout without SIM Card Holder:It is used in Arduino/AVR/ARM/PIC/ projects.No..
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SKU: RM001429
Arduino iic/i2c interface was developed to reduce the io port usage on the Arduino board. Old 1602 screen requires 7 io ports but this module uses only two. Much needed control panel io ports can be used to add some sensors, sd card and so on.Features:Supply voltage: 5VThe backlight and contrast is ..
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SKU: RM000031
RS 232 Signal to TTL Convertor Module extensively used in Serial Communication between PC and any TTL Compatible Device. Ideal for microcontroller board designed by India. The control circuit for the module is based on Max232 circuit which makes it a full duplex RS232 to TTL converter. ..
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SKU: RM000063
The PL-2303 operates as a bridge between one USB port and one standard RS232 Serial port. The two large on-chip buffers accommodate data flow from two different buses. The USB bulk-type data is adopted for maximum data transfer. Automatic handshake is supported at the Serial port. With these, a much..
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SKU: RM001150
This is a single chip USB to UART bridge IC from robomart. It requires minimal external components. It can be used to migrate legacy serial port based devices to USB. Hobbyists can use it as a powerful tool to make all kinds of PC interfaced projects.Features of ROBOMART USB To TTL Bridge Converter:..
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SKU: RM018097
This ultrasonic sensor is very similar to the ultrasonic sensors which are found in cars. This Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor shows some important constructional advantages over the conventional sensors. It comes in two separate parts one being the transducer which is the sensing element and ..
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SKU: RM018093
RS485 to TTL Converter Module Serial Port UART Hardware Automatic Flow Control Module is based of MAX485 chip, which is one of the most relied on when working with RS485 Bus. This module supports 3.3 V and 5V power supplies, and TTL Levels. It can connect and identify up to 128 nodes on the RS485 bu..
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SKU: RM006682
The USB ASP AVR Programming Device for ATMEL processors is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. USB ASP AVR Programming Device for ATMEL Processors simply consists of an ATMega88 or an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver; no sp..
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SKU: RM006663
The W5500 chip is a Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that provides easier Internet connection to embedded systems. W5500 enables users to have the Internet connectivity in their applications just by using the single chip in which TCP/IP stack, 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY embedded.The SP..
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SKU: RM006657
This RS232 to TTL Serial Interface Module is a board with the MAX3232 transceiver integrated circuit (IC). It facilitates serial communication between TTL and RS232 ports by providing the necessary electrical signal conversion. These boards usually have a DB9 connector soldered at one end, and four ..
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SKU: RM002195
The FT232RL is a USB to serial UART interface IC with the following advanced features:Single chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface. Entire USB protocol handled on the chip. No USB specific firmware programming required. Fully integrated 1024 bit EEPROM storing device des..
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SKU: RM002190
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IOIO For Android Pic Board
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SKU: RM002185
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