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Stepper Motors and Accessories

Stepper motors and accessories are essential components in the realm of 3D printing, providing precise and controlled motion for various printer mechanisms. One such critical component is the 3D printer stepper motor. Stepper motors are widely employed in 3D printers due to their ability to divide a full rotation into smaller steps, enabling accurate positioning and control.

The 3D printer stepper motor operates by receiving electrical pulses from the control system, which command it to rotate in discrete increments. With a standard step size of 1.8 degrees per step, these motors deliver precise rotational motion. The stepper motor's rotation translates into controlled movement for the printer's extruder, print bed, or other mechanical components.

To enhance the performance and functionality of stepper motors, a range of accessories is available. These accessories include motor mounts, couplers, pulleys, belts, and lead screws. Motor mounts provide a secure and stable attachment point for the stepper motor, ensuring reliable operation. Couplers establish a rigid connection between the motor shaft and other rotating components. Pulleys, belts, and lead screws are employed to convert the rotational motion of the stepper motor into linear movement, allowing for precise positioning of printer components.
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A unipolar stepper motor has one winding with center tap per phase. Each section of windings is switched on for each direction of magnetic field. Since in this arrangement a magnetic pole can be reversed without switching the direction of current, the commutation circuit can be made very simple for ..
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A stepper motor (or step motor) is a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation into a number of equal steps. The motor's position can then be commanded to move and hold at one of these steps without any feedback sensor (an open-loop controller), as long as the motor is carefully sized..
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Ideal Motor for CNC machines and 3D printer applications. Standard Nema23 frame size with pulley. 10 Kgcm bipolar mode torque with TB6560 Stepper Motor Drive. TB6560 Stepper Motor Drive, A CNC Router Single Axis 3A Stepper Motor driver board is for axis control with Input signal high-speed opto..
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The stepper motors move in precisely repeatable steps, hence they are the motors of choice for the machines requiring precise position control. The NEMA17 3.5 kg-cm Stepper Motor can provide 3.5 kg-cm of torque at 1.2A current per phase.The motor’s position can be commanded to move or hold at one po..
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This is a hybrid stepper motor with a 1.8° step angle. This type of motor moves in precise repeatable steps. That's why they are called the motor of choice. These are commonly used in machines that require precise position control. You can command this motor's position to move or hold in one positio..
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Method : 2-2PDrive IC : UDN2916B-VSurge/Current : / 500 mA / Phase (Peak)Coil Resistance : 8.0 ΩMagnet Material : MS70MStator Material : SECCShaft Length: 12mmWire Length: 170 mm fly lead (connector)Wire Holder: RMZ ConnectorFront Plate: FPHElectrical: 24V, 600mABipolar Constant Current 8 ohms, MS70..
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Package Include 1 x DC Stepper Motor. Motor Diameter: 42 MM; Height: 22. 8 MM; Weight: 127 g; Torque: 3. 5 Kg-cm Output shaft diameter: 3 MM; Shaft Length: 13mm Gear Diameter: 11mm, thickness: 6mm: Teeth: 12; Material: Metal Step angle: 7. 5 degrees; 2 Phase 4 Wire; 6V short circuit current: 1. 35 A..
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Nema17 Bipolar. Brief Data:Number of Phase 2Step Angle: 1.8°.Phase Voltage: 2.6Vdc.Phase Current: 1.7A.Resistance/Phase: 1.5Ω ±10%.Inductance: 2.8mH ±20% (1KHz).Number of Wire: 4 (100cm Length).Holding Torque: 43Ncm.Shaft Diameter: Ø5mm.Motor Length: 40mm.Rotor Inertia: 54gcm2 .Temperature rise: 80°..
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This 12V DC 345BYJ-46 Stepper Motor is a small, inexpensive, and high-quality geared step motor. The 35BYJ-46 Stepper Motor and ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver is a widely popular combination of the stepper motor and stepper driver, because of the stability and reliability of the system. This 35BYJ-46 ..
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NEMA17 3Kgcm Stepper Motor for high torque applications. Ideal Motor for ATM machines, 3D printers, Peristaltic pumps and job positioning and rotating applications. Standard NEMA 17 frame size 3Kgcm bipolar configurationFeatures:Stepper motor with 2mm pulley attached to shaft compatible with GT2 tim..
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A2212 1400KV Brushless DC Motor for Quadcopter/Multirotor/Drone
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If you are wandering to build a drone and don’t know what will be the best motor for you then worry no more, we have got your back. At Robu, we have everything for you to get started with your drone projectThese are the best low price drone motors available in the market.These are our market-crackin..
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1000Kv Brushless Quadcopter Motors is a Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motors) also known as electronically commutated motors (ECMs, EC motors) are synchronous motors that are powered by a DC electric source via an integrated inverter switching power supply, which produces an AC electric signal t..
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