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Water / Liquid Cooling Plate

A water/liquid cooling plate is a mechanical component designed to efficiently dissipate heat from electronic devices or systems. It consists of a flat plate made of a thermally conductive material, such as copper or aluminum, with channels or grooves embedded within it. These channels allow for the circulation of a cooling liquid, typically water or a coolant mixture, to pass through the plate.

The liquid absorbs heat from the electronic components or heat sources in contact with the plate, effectively transferring the thermal energy away from them. As the heated liquid flows through the channels, it reaches a heat exchanger or radiator, where it releases the accumulated heat to the surrounding environment, either through passive or active cooling methods.

Water/liquid cooling plates are commonly used in high-performance computing systems, power electronics, electric vehicle battery cooling, and various industrial applications. They provide efficient heat dissipation, allowing for improved performance, reliability, and longevity of mechanical and electronic components.

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