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The Single Board Computer (SBC) category is a dynamic and diverse realm that encompasses a wide range of compact yet powerful computing solutions. These versatile boards are revolutionizing the way we approach projects in areas such as IoT, robotics, automation, education, and beyond. With their compact form factor and comprehensive feature set, SBCs empower developers, students, and enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and turn ideas into reality.

The Raspberry Pi Board's compact form factor, coupled with its comprehensive feature set, provides a solid foundation for a wide array of applications. Its ample processing power, memory options, and connectivity interfaces cater to the demands of diverse projects. Whether you're creating a home media center, designing a smart home automation system, prototyping a custom industrial controller, or embarking on cutting-edge AI endeavors, the Raspberry Pi Board empowers you to realize your vision.

In summary, the Single Board Computer category, highlighted by the iconic Raspberry Pi Board and other remarkable options like the Teensy Board, serves as a gateway to innovation and transformative projects. Empowering programmers, makers, and enthusiasts alike, these SBCs enable individuals to push the boundaries of technology, embrace new challenges, and transform ideas into reality.
EEPROM Data Storage Board
-8 %
SKU: RM001125
The AT24C256A provides 8192 bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read-only memory (EEPROM Arduino) organized as 1024 words of 8 bits each. The device is optimized for use in many industrial and commercial applications where low-power and low-voltage operation are essential. The AT24..
₹ 119.00 ₹ 130.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 140.42 (Inc GST)
DVK512 - Raspberry Pi Model B+ Expansion/Evaluation Board, features various interfaces, dvk512 battery
-15 %
SKU: RM001357
DVK512 - Raspberry Pi Expansion Board features various interfaces for connecting external accessory boards and integrates various components. It's ideal for Raspberry Pi evaluation and development.Raspberry Pi Expansion Board features:Designed for Raspberry PiUART interface: easily connects to UART ..
₹ 1,999.00 ₹ 2,350.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 2,358.82 (Inc GST)
KK2.15 LCD Flight Control Board 6050MPU 644PA Multirotor update version for KK2 kk2.1 KK2.15 LCD Flight Control Board 6050MPU 644PA Multirotor update version for KK2 kk2.1
-18 %
SKU: RM001282
The KK2.1.5 is next big evolution of the first generation KK flight control boards. The KK2.1.5 was engineered from the ground up to bring multi-rotor flight to everyone, not just the experts. The LCD screen and built in software makes install and setup easier than ever. A host of multi-rotor craft ..
₹ 3,990.00 ₹ 4,890.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 4,708.20 (Inc GST)
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