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Mux - DeMux and Logic Converter

Mux (Multiplexer) and DeMux (Demultiplexer) along with Logic Converters are fundamental electronic modules used in various applications, particularly in memory interfacing and data routing scenarios. A Multiplexer serves as a data selector, allowing multiple input signals to be routed to a single output based on control signals.

Conversely, a Demultiplexer performs the opposite function, distributing data from a single input to multiple outputs, depending on control signals. Logic Converters come into play when interfacing between different voltage levels, ensuring seamless communication between incompatible devices. These essential components facilitate efficient data management, addressing, and routing, making them indispensable in modern electronic systems for tasks like memory interfacing and data manipulation.
SKU: RM002378
This is a breakout board for the very handy 16-Channel Analog/Digital Multiplexer/Demultiplexer CD74HC4067. This chip is like a rotary switch - it internally routes the common pin (COM in the schematic, SIG on the board) to one of 16 channel pins (CHANxx). It works with both digital and analog signa..
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