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6 to 10 AWG

High-Quality, Ultra-Flexible Silicone Wire from 6AWG to 10 AWG is available here. Low resistance and great current carrying capability characterise this wire. These are additionally utilised in LiPO batteries to supply ESCs with electricity. For your RC project, this wire is perfect. Because of its high strand count, flexibility, and softness, it is excellent for usage in constrained and small spaces.

Our wires are designed to provide low resistance and excellent current carrying capability. They are widely used in applications such as supplying ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) with electricity in LiPO batteries for RC projects. The high strand count, flexibility, and softness of these wires make them perfect for usage in constrained and small spaces, allowing for easy installation and maneuverability.

We understand that the size of the wire plays a crucial role in determining its current-carrying capacity. That's why we offer a wide range of gauges, including the 6AWG to 10 AWG sizes, to accommodate different voltage requirements and wiring configurations. This variety ensures that you can select the appropriate wire thickness for your specific needs.

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