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Wearable electronics refer to a cutting-edge category of electronic devices designed to be worn on the body, seamlessly integrating technology into everyday life. These innovative gadgets incorporate various electronic modules to deliver advanced functionalities and enhance user experiences. These electronic modules include sensors for detecting movement, heart rate, and other biometric data, microcontrollers for processing information and controlling functions, display units such as OLED screens or LEDs, and wireless communication modules for connectivity.

Wearable electronics come in diverse forms like smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart glasses, and even smart clothing, revolutionizing how we interact with technology and providing valuable insights into our health and daily activities. These wearable electronic devices have become an integral part of modern lifestyles, offering convenience, personalization, and improved overall well-being.

WS2811 RGB LED Breakout module for Arduino
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SKU: RM002205
This is a breakout board for the built in WS2811 RGB LED. The WS2811 is actually an RGB LED with a WS2811 built right into the LED! All the necessary pins are broken out to 0.1" spaced headers for easy bread-boarding. Several of these breakouts can be chained together to form a display or an address..
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₹ 234.82 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM002242
The LilyPad Arduino is a microcontroller board designed for wearables and e-textiles. It can be sewn to fabric and similarly mounted power supplies, sensors and actuators with conductive thread. The board is based on the ATmega32U4. Board comes fully assembled and tested with ATMega168V pre-loaded w..
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₹ 1,886.82 (Inc GST)
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