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Boost Converter (Step-Up)

A Boost Converter, also known as a Step-Up Converter, is a vital electronic circuit used to increase the output voltage to a higher level than the input voltage. It operates as an efficient voltage regulator, ensuring a stable and constant output voltage despite fluctuations in the input voltage or varying load conditions.

Unlike a Buck Converter (Step-Down) that reduces voltage while increasing current, the Boost Converter does the opposite. By storing energy in an inductor during the ON period and releasing it to the output during the OFF period, the Boost Converter steps up the voltage while decreasing the output current, making it an essential component in various applications where higher voltage levels are required.

SKU: RM002386
Description:This CN6009 XL6009 DC – DC Step-up converter module is a non-isolated step-up (boost) voltage converter featuring adjustable output voltage and high efficiency.The module uses the second generation of high-frequency switching technology XL6009E1 core chip performance than the first gener..
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SKU: RM013065
Mini DC-DC Boost Converter 0.9V-5V to 5V 600MA USB Output charger Step-Up Power ModuleGreat Step-up Module with 0.9-5V input, output 5V for many digital devices, so this is really a great module for designing a portable charger. Useful for your USB charger projects and onboard USB device supply solu..
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SKU: RM013064
LM2577 3A DC-DC Step UP LED Voltmeter 3-34V to 4-35V Adjustable Boost Converter moduleFeatures of LM2577 3A DC-DC Step UP LED Voltmeter 3-34V to 4-35V Adjustable Boost Converter module :1.Multiple output regulator.2.One button to switch input and output voltage display.3.Power-down memory function.4..
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SKU: RM007590
The MT3608 2A Max DC-DC Step Up Power Module Booster Power Module is a low-cost module that can step-up a 2 to 24V input voltage up to a 5 to 28V output at up to 2A. DC-DC boost converters step up the input voltage to a higher voltage while also stepping down the available current since the module ..
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