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24 to 30 AWG

You can purchase breadboard jumper cables, plusivo wire kits, high-quality ultra-flexible 24 to 30 AWG silicone wire, and other items here. This set of wires is perfect for your RC project. It is ideal for usage in constrained and compact spaces since it is incredibly soft, flexible, and has a high strand count.

Our high-quality ultra-flexible silicone wire in the range of 24 to 30 AWG is designed to provide optimal performance in constrained and compact spaces. The wire is incredibly soft, flexible, and features a high strand count, making it ideal for applications where flexibility and maneuverability are crucial.

Whether you're looking for breadboard jumper cables, Plusivo wire kits, or high-quality silicone wire, our category has the wiring solutions you need. Browse our selection now and find the perfect wires for your applications. Trust in the quality and reliability of our products to ensure efficient electricity transfer and optimal performance. Shop now at for all your wiring needs.

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