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LoRa WiFi modules, the perfect solution for seamless wireless communication. Whether you're an IoT developer, a smart city enthusiast, or a business looking to implement long-range connectivity, our LoRa WiFi modules offer exceptional performance and reliability.

Our LoRa modules combine the benefits of LoRa technology and WiFi connectivity, providing an efficient and robust wireless solution. With LoRa's long-range capabilities, you can establish communication links that span several kilometers, enabling communication even in remote or challenging environments. The integration of WiFi connectivity further expands the possibilities by offering local connectivity and seamless integration with existing WiFi networks.

In addition to LoRa WiFi modules, we also offer a wide range of components to support your projects. Explore our selection of wireless smart switches, which enable remote control and automation of your devices. These switches provide convenient and flexible control options, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of your smart home or industrial automation systems.
SKU: RM002556
Tri-band transceiver unity, the operating frequency for the international general ISM band the 433/868/915MHz GMSK modulation, anti-interference ability, particularly suitable for industrial control occasions DSS + PLL frequency synthesizer technology, high sensitivity and excellent frequency stabil..
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