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Planetary Gear DC Motor

SKU: RM000790
A Long Shaft DC motor is a mechanically commutated electric motor powered from direct current (DC). The stator is stationary in space by definition and therefore its current. The current in the rotor is switched by the commutator to also be stationary in space. This is how the relative angle between..
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SKU: RM018121
Motor was taken from unused machine, motor performance is good as new. The price is very good. Test data:Voltage:5V No-load current:80mA No-load speed:50RPMVoltage:12V No-load current:120mA No-load speed:100RPMPackage Include:Gear Motor x 1pcs..
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SKU: RM016574
ET-WGM46-A High Torque, Low Noise, 90 Degree Right Angle 1-100rpm 5V-12V DC Worm Right Angle gear motor is also called Worm Gear motor, 90°Gearbox motor, it is a DC motor with Right Angle Gearbox, the gearbox output direction is 90°(Right Angle) with DC motor input. This kind of gearbox is designed ..
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SKU: RM000782
This is a High Torque DC Motor 3500 RPM. It is most suitable for light weight robot requiring small power. This motor can be used with 69mm Diameter Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors and 87mm Diameter Multipurpose Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors. A DC motor is a mechanically commutated electric motor powe..
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SKU: RM000633
This is a high torque DC gear motor providing 32Kg-cm torque. The motor generates a low RPM which is very ideal for making gripper to pick and place heavy objects with greater accuracy.Features of 150 RPM High Torque 12 Volt DC Gear Motor:150RPM 12V DC motors with Metal Gearbox and Metal Gears.18000..
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₹ 1,539.90 (Inc GST)
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