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Nut and Washers

Nuts and washers are essential components in various fastening applications, providing stability, security, and proper distribution of forces. They are commonly used in conjunction with screws, bolts, or threaded rods to create secure and reliable connections.

are typically small, hexagonal-shaped metal pieces with a threaded hole in the center. They are designed to be tightened onto the threaded portion of a fastener, effectively creating a mating thread and locking the fastener in place. Nuts come in different sizes, thread types, and materials to accommodate a wide range of applications.

The primary function of a nut is to provide a means of tightening and loosening the fastener. By applying torque to the nut using a wrench or a socket, the threaded fastener is securely tightened, holding the connected components together. Nuts are available in various styles, including standard hex nuts, lock nuts, wing nuts, and cap nuts, each serving specific purposes and offering different features

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