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12 to 16 AWG

Our silicone wire is designed to provide excellent performance with low resistance and great current carrying capability. It is particularly suitable for applications such as supplying ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) with electricity in LiPO batteries for RC projects. The wire's high strand count, flexibility, and softness make it ideal for use in constrained and small spaces, ensuring ease of installation and maneuverability.

We understand that the size of the wire is crucial in determining its current-carrying capacity. That's why we offer a wide selection of wire gauges, including the popular 18 to 22 AWG, 24 to 30 AWG, and 6 to 10 AWG sizes. This variety allows you to choose the right wire thickness for your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Browse our selection and choose the appropriate silicone wire gauge and color for your needs. Experience the reliability and versatility of our high-quality wires, and ensure efficient electricity transfer in your circuits. Shop now at for all your wire needs.

SKU: RM005283
he High-Quality 16AWG Silicon Wire 1m (Black) has a pretty big diameter as compared to the normal 20AWG wire used in RC projects for serving its specific purpose. This wire has low resistance and high current carrying capacity. These are also used in LiPO batteries to deliver power to ESC’s. You can..
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