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Environmental Sensor

Discover the remarkable capabilities of our Environmental Sensor, the ultimate solution for comprehensive environmental monitoring. Seamlessly integrate this advanced sensor into your systems and gain valuable insights into temperature, humidity, and air quality.

With its built-in Gas & Dust Sensor, our Environmental Sensor offers precise detection and analysis of gas and dust particles in the surrounding environment. Whether you're optimizing indoor air quality, monitoring workplace conditions, or conducting research, our Environmental Sensor provides accurate and reliable data. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

With its high-performance Temperature and Humidity Sensor, our Environmental Sensor offers unparalleled precision and sensitivity. Elevate your environmental monitoring projects to new heights and embrace the power of advanced sensor technology. Revolutionize your approach to environmental analysis with our cutting-edge Environmental Sensor.

SKU: RM016143
This is Soil Moisture Meter, Soil Humidity Sensor, Water Sensor, Soil Hygrometer for Ardunio. With this module, you can tell when your plants need watering by how moist the soil is in your pot, garden, or yard. The two probes on the sensor act as variable resistors. Use it in a home automated wateri..
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₹ 57.82 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001086
This soil moisture sensor is used to sense the present of water in soil and gives some output voltage to the processor to execute according to the instruction given by the user.Features of Soil Moisture Sensor:Ease to use.Easy of interfacing.On-board I/O connector.Applications of Soil Moisture Senso..
₹ 119.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 140.42 (Inc GST)
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