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Linear Guide Rail

Linear guide rails are crucial components in 3D printers, enabling smooth and precise motion of various parts. These rails consist of a track with grooves and rolling elements, such as balls or rollers, that facilitate low-friction movement. Linear guide rails provide stability, reduce wear, and ensure accurate positioning of 3D printer parts, such as the print head or extruder assembly.

By minimizing friction and offering excellent load-bearing capabilities, these guide rails contribute to high-quality prints and reliable performance. They are an essential element in the intricate machinery of 3D printers, providing the necessary support and guidance for smooth linear motion, ultimately resulting in successful and precise 3D prints.
SKU: RM000618
The Rack and Pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a pair of gears which convert the rotational motion into linear motion.Features of Linear Rack for Rack and Pinion:Rectangular gear of Length= 145 mm.Thickness=9 mm.Bought side of gears teeth.Features of Linear Rack for Rack and Pinion:..
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SKU: RM001199
Linear Rack Gear Plastic 15 Inch 82 TeethThis is a linear rack made of high quality plastic. Use it to convert rotational motion from a motor/pulley to linear motion. This rack can be used with all our Mod 1 type Pinion Gears, which have compatible pitch. Use different pinion gear sizes to get the r..
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₹ 259.60 (Inc GST)
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