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Socket Set Screws (Allen Grub)

Socket Set Screws, commonly known as Allen grub screws, are specialized fasteners designed for secure and precise positioning of components in various applications. These screws feature a threaded body with no head and a recessed hexagonal socket, allowing for easy installation and removal using an Allen wrench or hex key.

The absence of a head distinguishes socket set screws from traditional screws and bolts. Instead of providing a clamping force, their primary function is to secure or hold objects in place by exerting pressure against a surface or within a groove or hole. This makes socket set screws particularly useful for applications where a flush or hidden fastening is desired.

Socket set screws are commonly available with a variety of points or tips to suit different requirements. The most common types include cup point, flat point, cone point, and dog point. Each type of point offers specific advantages, such as increased holding power, easy alignment, or improved grip, depending on the application.

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