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3 Cell (11.1V~12.6V)

3-cell batteries, with a voltage range of 11.1V to 12.6V, offer a reliable and powerful energy source for a wide range of electronic applications. These lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries, consisting of three cells connected in series, provide increased voltage output and higher energy capacity compared to single or dual-cell batteries.

3-cell batteries are commonly used in drones, RC vehicles, portable electronics, and other high-performance devices. With their compact size and superior power output, 3-cell batteries ensure extended runtime and optimized performance.

Explore our selection of 3-cell batteries to power your electronic projects and devices with a dependable and high-capacity energy solution.

SKU: RM013000
Hongfa 24V 10A DC JQX-115F-TH-024-1ZS3A 8-Pin SPDT PCB Mount Power RelayFeatures:High Temperature 105 degrees CLow height 15.7 mm5KV dielectric coil to contactsCreepage distance 10mm10A switching capabilityEnvironmental friendly product available (RoHS compliant)Outline Dimensions: 29.0 x 12.7 x 15...
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