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RS 775 DC Motor

SKU: RM000433
The DC motor is an electrical device which converts from dc electrical energy into mechanical energy.Features of 2400 RPM DC Motor:Low cost for control achieved.Low torque at startup and high speeds.Rugged design.Simplicity of construction.Can operate in an open loop control system.Low maintenance.L..
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SKU: RM000665
This DC motor is of non gear type motor having 18000 rpm.Features of 18000 RPM 12V DC Motor:Rated voltage:12V.No-Load Speed:18000±10% RPM/MIN; No-Load Current: 0.85A.Diameter 28mm.Length excluding shaft: 32mm.Shaft length: 9mm.Weight: 50g(APPROX).Applications of 18000 RPM 12V DC Motor:Printer.Automo..
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SKU: RM000666
This DC motor is of non gear type motor having 35000 rpm.Features of 35000 RPM 12V DC Motor:Rated voltage:12V.No-Load Speed:35000±10% RPM/MIN; No-Load Current: 0.85A.Diameter 38.5mm.Length 57mm.Shaft 3.17mm.Weight: 255g(APPROX).Applications of 35000 RPM 12V DC Motor:Printer.Automotive Products.Rear ..
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SKU: RM008603
775 DC Motor with High Quality Bearings is a versatile motor designed for various applications. It features a long shaft, allowing for easy integration into different projects. The motor operates within a voltage range of 12V to 24V, providing flexibility in power supply options.Here are some key fe..
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SKU: RM000939
This is a High Torque DC Motor 4500 RPM DC motor. It is most suitable for light weight robot requiring small power. This motor can be used with 69mm Diameter Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors and 87mm Diameter Multipurpose Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors.Features of 4500 RPM High Torque DC Motor:Voltage: ..
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