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Raspberry Pi Accessories

Raspberry Pi Accessories encompass a range of official add-ons designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of your Raspberry Pi single-board computer. These accessories cater to various needs and include power-related components, among others.

When it comes to powering your Raspberry Pi, Official Accessories provide reliable solutions. You can find power supplies specifically designed for Raspberry Pi models, ensuring a stable and efficient power source to keep your device running smoothly. These power supplies are built with safety features and offer compatibility with different regions' electrical standards.

By opting for Official Accessories, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're using high-quality, officially endorsed products that have been tested for compatibility and reliability. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, Raspberry Pi Accessories offer a convenient way to expand the capabilities of your Raspberry Pi and unleash its full potential.

Mini Wireless Keyboard + TouchPad Mouse
-25 %
SKU: RM001342
2.4Ghz RF Wireless Mini Keyboard and TouchPad Mouse Works withRaspberry PiHome Desktop PCAndroid Mini PCLaptopSpecifications2.4GHz RF Wireless CommunicationLarge Size TouchPad for comfortable Mouse OperationUpto 30 Feet DistanceSize : 145mm x 95mm x 19mmWeight : 118gmTags: Buy Keyboard For Rasp..
₹ 1,490.00 ₹ 1,999.00
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₹ 1,758.20 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001363
Introduction:The RaZberry turns every Raspberry Pi into a Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway. The bundle of hardware and precompiled Z-Wave wireless network management software waits to be completed by your own user interface running in a web browser or a mobile phone.The Z-Wave software offers an easy ..
₹ 6,999.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 8,258.82 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001338
What is HDMI-VGA Converter for Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi comes with HDMI Port and does not have VGA port to connect to conventional PC monitor. This converter helps in using the existing monitors as display for Raspberry Pi. HDMI to VGA Converter for Raspberry Pi (With Audio Out)You can connect ..
₹ 150.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 177.00 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM010927
HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable 1.5 Meter Round, High-Quality Copper-Clad Steel Black is compatible with all previous HDMI standards.You can connect your phone/tablet/digital camera with a TV set to achieve synchronous display on the big screen to have more exciting experiences. By this, you can enjoy a ca..
₹ 126.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 148.68 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM010891
Description:The RXEF series devices offer hold currents ranging from 50mA to 3.75A while offering voltage ratings of 60V to 72V. The RXEF products are used in a wide range of applications such as power input, and I/O port protection. They are also used in many markets including computer/multimedia, ..
₹ 48.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 56.64 (Inc GST)
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