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Enhance your Raspberry Pi projects with high-quality and officially endorsed accessories designed to optimize your experience.

Discover a variety of accessories such as cases, power supplies, cables, and more, specifically tailored to complement your Raspberry Pi Camera. Elevate your projects with authentic Official Accessories that guarantee compatibility and superior performance.

Whether you're capturing stunning images or developing innovative applications, our Official Accessories for the Raspberry Pi Camera will provide the perfect tools to unlock your creativity. Shop now and take your Raspberry Pi Camera projects to new heights.

SKU: RM001340
Need to use your micro SD card in an SD card slot? This SanDisk Micro SD Card to SD Card Adapter is designed for use in devices with a standard Secure Digital slot! It features a built-in write protection switch to keep your data safe and for better ease of access.Features:Convert Micro SD Card into..
₹ 20.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 23.60 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001037
This SD card module, or Secure Digital card, is a non-volatile solid-state flash memory. Meaning if we disconnect power, it will retain its data.With an SD card we can expand Arduino's permanent storage by gigabytes.Features of Reading and writing module SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader:Ease to use..
₹ 99.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 116.82 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM003066
The official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply is designed to power the latest Raspberry Pi 4 Model B boards, which were released in June 2019.5.1V / 3.0A DC output 96-264Vac operating input range Short circuit, overcurrent and over temperature protection 1.5m 18 AWG captive cable with USB-C ou..
₹ 699.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 824.82 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM003528
The HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable 0.5 Meter Flat Pure Copper Black enables high-definition digital video transmission, high-speed data audio, and quality. In addition to allowing greater integration between audio and video devices and the sharing of Internet access.High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HD..
₹ 260.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 306.80 (Inc GST)
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