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Mechanical Components and Workbench Tools

Mechanical components and workbench tools are essential for any DIY enthusiast or professional engineer. From carbon fiber sheets to glue gun sticks, these components and tools enable the assembly, repair, and customization of various projects.

Carbon fiber sheets
, known for their strength and lightweight properties, are ideal for constructing robust structures. Glue gun sticks provide a reliable and quick bonding solution for joining different materials. Soldering tools are indispensable for electrical connections and circuit assembly. And let's not forget about wheels, crucial for mobility and maneuverability. With the right combination of mechanical components and workbench tools, you can bring your ideas to life, create intricate designs, and build functional prototypes with precision and efficiency.
Illuminated magnifying glass, ergonomic handle skid proof switch loupe double layer optical lens ABS frame for miniature.Color= Black, WhiteBatteries Required= YesLens Material= GlassMagnification Strength= 30 x..
₹ 3,999.00
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₹ 4,718.82 (Inc GST)
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