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e-Ink Display

An e-Ink display, also known as electronic ink display or electronic paper display, is a unique type of display technology that mimics the appearance of ink on paper. It offers a paper-like reading experience with low power consumption, making it ideal for e-readers, digital signage, electronic shelf labels, and other applications where energy efficiency and readability in various lighting conditions are crucial.

The e-Ink display works by utilizing microcapsules containing positively and negatively charged particles suspended in a clear fluid. These microcapsules are sandwiched between two layers of transparent electrodes. When an electrical charge is applied, the particles move and rearrange themselves, resulting in the display of text or images.

One of the notable features of e-Ink displays is their ability to maintain a static image without requiring any power. This means that once an image or text is displayed, it remains visible even when the power is turned off. Power is only needed to change the content on the display, making e-Ink displays highly energy-efficient compared to other display technologies like LCD or OLED.

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