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68 uF 400v Electrolytic Through Hole Capacitor

68 uF 400v Electrolytic Through Hole Capacitor

68 uF 400v Electrolytic Through Hole Capacitor

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  • SKU: RM003389
Warehouse Code: R00008-S05-P01-Z01

Product Highlights 

  • Capacitor Value: 68uF
  • Voltage Rating: 400V
  • Lead Spacing pitch: 6.5mm
  • capacitor diameter: 18mm,capacitor Height: 21mm
  • Mounting Type: Through-hole

The capacitance of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is defined by the surface of the aluminum anode foil. This surface is maximized by special etching processes, giving these capacitors the highest volumetric capacitance of all capacitor technologies and thus an attractive cost per capacitance ratio. EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors feature outstanding ripple current capabilities and very long-term reliability. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in frequency converters, wind power converters, solar inverters, professional power supplies and UPS, medical applications, professional photoflash units and in a wide range of automotive applications. They are a low-cost, highly reliable option for most applications.


  • Very excellent ripple current ability
  • Load Life: 105°C 2000Hrs
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • High Reliability
  • For Switch-Power supply systems
  • Best Quality Product
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