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Relay Switch and Electronic Module

DS4E ML2 5V DC 16Pin Telecom Relay
SKU: RM002894
DS4E ML2 5V DC 16Pin Telecom Relay is a subminiature DIP relay which can be mounted on a 16 pin IC base. This is a Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) type relay and is Epoxy Sealed so can be used with automatic wave soldering machines. The HFD27/0005-S relay has bifurcated contacts thus reduce con..
₹ 25.00
SKU: RM002515
12V DC 7AMP 5Pin Sugar Cube Relay12V DC 7AMP 5Pin Sugar Cube Relay offers low height, 8A switching capability, 5kV dielectric strength (between coil and contacts) and environmentally friendly product (RoHS compliant) and meets VDE 0700, 0631 reinforce insulation.5Pin Power Relay offers low height, 8..
₹ 29.00
SKU: RM002504
12V DC 10AMP 5Pin Sugar Cube RelayPower Relays with a coil rated voltage of 12V DC and SPDT contacts with a 10A rating. The Relays have 5 pins and are very good quality with a long operational life. Compact and sealed construction. It is especially suitable for harsh environments such as corrosion, ..
₹ 35.00
SKU: RM002383
It's a small USB to TTL serial tool, using the CP2102 chip. You can use it to connect serial devices to your PC via USB port. These have much better driver support than PL2303 and have more features compared to the PL2303. Ideal for programming Arduino Pro Mini, etc.Specifications:Onboard CP2102 USB..
₹ 180.00
SKU: RM000010
USB to TTL Bridge is the easiest method to connect USB to TTL signal to PC via USB ideal for microcontroller board. The control circuit for the module is based on PL2303 circuit which makes it a full duplex USB to TTL converter. The PL-2303 operates as a bridge between one USB port and one standard ..
₹ 99.00
SKU: RM000106
Laser Diode Modules are used in a variety of applications that require small sizes in addition to low power consumption with long operating lifetimes. Laser Diode Modules are lasers lab or OEM integration. Laser Diode Modules are ideal for applications such as life science, industrial, or scientific..
₹ 90.00
SKU: RM002954
UDH SH 124D 24V 7A 5Pin RelayFeatures of UDH SH 124D 24V 7A 5Pin Relay :Single contact Form (SPST) series Relay offers switching capacity 30A in small size.Dust cover, sealed & unclosed cover types are available.UL Class F insulation available.Halogen Free series available.Comply with&..
₹ 69.00
SKU: RM002866
Hongfa 5V 16A DC JQX115F/005-1H3B 6-Pin SPST PCB Mount Power RelayFeatures:High Inrush TV-5 80ALow height 15.7 mm5KV dielectric coil to contactsCreepage distance 10mmSpecifications:Type : JQX115F/005-1H3BSwitching Current (A, Res. load): 16AContact arrangement: 1 Form AContact material: Silver Alloy..
₹ 99.00
SKU: RM002863
Panasonic 3V 2A DC AGQ0200S03Z 8 Pins DPDT SMD Telecom Relay (2 Form C) Surface Mount. The AGQ series Polarized Relay with a compact flat body saves space. AgPd contact is used because of its good sulphide resistance and adoption of low-gas moulding material. Coil assembly moulding technology avoids..
₹ 95.00
SKU: RM002304
HJQ 15F 1 S Z DC 24V 20A 5Pin RelayVoltage : DC 24VCurrent : 20A..
₹ 149.00
SKU: RM001383
Main Features:1pole to 4pole version are available with switching current at 15amp (1pole) and 10amps (2~4poles). AC and DC coil. Lamp type & Test Button are all available. High reliability / Long life expectancy. Socket and PCB terminal are available. RoHS 2011/65/EU compliant...
₹ 199.00
SKU: RM001370
Thimbal 24v 30A 5Pin Relay :..
₹ 110.00
SKU: RM001185
This 5MM LED breakout module is available in robomart for versatile use.Features of LED Breakout 5MM:Easy to use.Easy to interface.Long life.Large led.Applications of LED Breakout 5MM:It is used in Arduino/AVR/ARM/PIC/ projects.Note: Images shown is only for representation. The actual product may va..
₹ 25.00
SKU: RM002483
Urja Power Relay 24v 30A..
₹ 349.00
SKU: RM003412
PT918-S-Z DC 24V 30A 5Pin Relay..
₹ 69.00
SKU: RM003411
KT 603  DC 12V 7A 5Pin Relay :Voltage - 24 VRelay Type - Voltage RelayMounting Type - PanelModel Name/Number - KT-603Material - Plastic..
₹ 29.00
SKU: RM003125
When you switch on your PC or Mac, do you have to change its time? Highly unlikely! Do you have to on your Raspberry Pi? Possibly.Each time your Raspberry Pi boots it connects to what is called an NTP - Network Time Protocol - server and asks it the time. But what happens if your Pi is not connected..
₹ 999.00
SKU: RM003118
TY833 DC 12V 30A 5Pin RelayThis is TY833 24V DC 30A 5Pin Relay which operates on 12V DC Signal and has current capacity of 30A. This T93 type relay are mountable on PCB as well as on sockets. The mounting should be such that, the control signal can be given by PCB. And the output terminals are acces..
₹ 99.00
SKU: RM003082
VC90 S DC 12V 30A C 6Pin Relay :..
₹ 69.00
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