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SST25VF080B-50-4C-S2AF-T – 3.6V 8Mbit Flash Memory SPI Serial IC SMD-8 Package

SST25VF080B-50-4C-S2AF-T – 3.6V 8Mbit Flash Memory SPI Serial IC SMD-8 Package

SST25VF080B-50-4C-S2AF-T – 3.6V 8Mbit Flash Memory SPI Serial IC SMD-8 Package

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Product Highlights

  • IC Name: SST25VF080B-50-4C-S2AF-T
  • Voltage – Supply: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 70°C (TA)
  • Clock Frequency: 50 MHz
  • Mounting Type: Surface Mount
  • Package/Case: SMD-8

)Flash memory is a long-life and non-volatile storage chip that is widely used in embedded systems. It can keep stored data and information even when the power is off. It can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. Flash memory was developed from EEPROM (electronically erasable programmable read-only memory).

25 series Serial Flash family features a four-wire, SPI-compatible interface that allows for a low pin-count package which occupies less board space and ultimately lowers total system costs. The SST25VF080B devices are enhanced with improved operating frequency and lower power consumption. SST25VF080B SPI serial flash memories are manufactured with proprietary, high-performance CMOS Super Flash technology. The split-gate cell design and thick-oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability and manufacturability compared with alternate approaches. The SST25VF080B devices significantly improve performance and reliability, while lowering power consumption. The devices write (program or erase) with a

single power supply of 2.7V-3.6V for SST25VF080B. The total energy consumed is a function of the applied voltage, current, and time of application. Since for any given voltage range, the Super Flash technology uses less current to program and has a shorter erase time, the total energy consumed during any erase or program operation is less than alternative flash memory



  1. Single Voltage Read and Write Operations
  2. Superior Reliability
  3. Low-Power Consumption
  4. Flexible Erase Capability
  5. Fast Erase and Byte Program
  6. Auto Address Increment (AAI) Programming


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