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LM556 Dual 555 Timer

LM556 Dual 555 Timer

LM556 Dual 555 Timer

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The LM556 dual-timing circuit is a highly-stable controller capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. The LM556 device is a dual-timing version of the LM555 device. Timing is provided by an external resistor and capacitor for each timing function. The two timers operate independently of each other, sharing only VCC and ground.

Features of LM556 Dual 555 Timer:

  • Direct Replacement for SE556/NE556.
  • Timing From Microseconds Through Hours.
  • Operates in Both Astable and Monostable Modes.
  • Replaces Two 555 Timers.
  • Adjustable Duty Cycle.
  • Output Can Source or Sink 200 mA.
  • Output and Supply TTL-Compatible.
  • Temperature Stability Better Than 0.005% per °C.
  • Normally On and Normally Off Output.

Applications of LM556 Dual 555 Timer:

  • It is used as a voltage comparator.

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