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Heat Shrink Tube 7mm Diameter (1 Meter) Red

Heat Shrink Tube 7mm Diameter (1 Meter) Red

Heat Shrink Tube 7mm Diameter (1 Meter) Red

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Product Highlights 

  • Color of the tube: Red
  • Diameter of the tube: 7mm
  • Operating temperature : 50°C to 125°C
  • Shrinking temperature : 90°C
  • Tensile strength : ≥10.4MPa
  • Shrink ratio : 2:1
  • Voltage rating : 600V
  • Very easy to install
  • High flexibility
  • Do not react with chemicals.

7mm Red color polyolefin heat shrink tube

This is a shrinkable polyolefin tube. It is used to insulate wire and wire connectors or joints. It can also be used to repair the insulation on wires or to bundle them together. This tube has exceptional insulation characteristics. This tube provides abrasion resistance, wear and tear resistance, and environmental protection. It is built from polyolefin material. It shrinks radially not longitudinally when heated at 125°C to the ratio rate of 2:1. This tube is very easy to install. Just place the tube between the wire or joint and apply heat. It will automatically shrink and gets stick to the wire. This tube offers reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

Key features

  • It protects the wire from harsh environments.
  • Any type of cut on the wire can be insulated by this tube.
  • Also, it does not react with any type of chemical.
  • This tube is very flexible and very easy to install.

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