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10 uF, 25 V Ceramic SMD Capacitor 0805 Package (Pack of 10)

10 uF, 25 V Ceramic SMD Capacitor 0805 Package (Pack of 10)

10 uF, 25 V Ceramic SMD Capacitor 0805 Package (Pack of 10)

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Product highlights

  1. Large capacity and small size in a multilayer structure
  2. Capacitance value ranging from 0.1pF to 220µF
  3. Tin-plated external electrodes, excellent solderability
  4. Provides good high-frequency characteristics
  5. Excellent pulse response
  6. High reliability

The Murata GRM series capacitors are Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC) used for general-purpose applications. These MLCC capacitors are classified into temperature-compensating and high dielectric constant types depending on the change in electrostatic capacitance due to temperature change. The temperature-compensating capacitors feature a small rate of change in electrostatic capacitance as the temperature changes and are used for applications such as filters and high-frequency circuit matching. The high dielectric constant capacitors use materials with a high dielectric constant and feature a large electrostatic capacitance. Typical applications are power supply decoupling and smoothing circuits.


  1. Consumer Electronics
  2. Portable Devices
  3. Power Management
  4. Industrial
  5. Medical
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