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CD4050 Hex Buffer Converter

CD4050 Hex Buffer Converter

CD4050 Hex Buffer Converter

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Product Highlights:

  • Six Independent Hex Non-Inverting Buffers
  • High Source and Sink Capability
  • Wide Supply Voltage
  • Operating Temperature to 85oC
  • Low Power TTL

The CD4050UB devices are inverting and non-inverting hex buffers, respectively, and feature logic-level conversion using only one supply voltage (VCC).

Features of CD4050 Hex Buffer Converter:

  • D4049UB Inverting.
  • High Sink Current for Driving 2 TTL Loads.
  • High-To-Low Level Logic Conversion.
  • 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20V.
  • Maximum Input Current of 1µA at 18V Over Full Package Temperature Range; 100nA at 18V and 25°C.
  • 5V, 10V and 15V Parametric Ratings.

Applications of CD4050 Hex Buffer Converter:

  • CMOS to DTL/TTL Hex Converter.
  • CMOS Current "Sink" or "Source" Driver.
  • CMOS High-To-Low Logic Level Converter.

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