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9V 1 Amp Charger for Lead Acid Battery

9V 1 Amp Charger for Lead Acid Battery

9V 1 Amp Charger for Lead Acid Battery

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Brand: Generic

SKU: RM000347

₹ 149.00
Warehouse Code: R00008-S07-P04-Z01

Product Highlights 

  • Dimensions L113 x W49 x H30 mm
  • Input Voltage 230V AC
  • Country of Origin Made in India

9 Volt 1 AMP multi-stage recharger with universal AC input. Includes an auto-sensing desulfating feature.

These are state-of-the-art battery chargers that can be used on-demand, or left permanently on the battery for maintenance and sulfation prevention. It uses energy-saving techniques and and and advanced pulsed charging algorithm to allow better control of gas recycling and plate corrosion. The desulfating feature can rejuvenate batteries that have been left uncharged for extended periods of time, such as motorcycle, ATV, and tractor batteries. The charger is fully isolated from the mains, has universal AC input, and a removable AC cord. Although designed for sealed lead acid and gel batteries, these will also accurately charge flooded and automobile batteries.

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