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4mm Neodymium Sphere Ball Strong Magnet

4mm Neodymium Sphere Ball Strong Magnet

4mm Neodymium Sphere Ball Strong Magnet

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  • Brand: Generic
  • SKU: RM002720
Warehouse Code: R000-S00-POO

Product Highlights:

  • Dimensions: ~4 mm
  • Shape: Sphere
  • Material: NdFeB 
  • Grade: N42
  • Plating/coating: Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel) 
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 176ºF (80ºC)

4mm Neodymium Sphere Ball Strong Magnet:

Sphere Magnets (or ball magnets) which have a polarity configuration similar to the earth. These are very strong magnets (especially at the two poles) due to the high magnetic field concentration at the poles. Two or more of these strong magnets will attach like beads (without thread) creating an invisible linked chain.

Applications of 4mm Neodymium Sphere Ball Strong Magnet:

The unique shape of sphere magnets provides invisible strength compared to other types of magnets. Due to their spherical shape, it becomes difficult to place them on flat surfaces. It means that sphere magnets work best when used with sphere magnets.

The common application includes small classroom projects, magnetic games, fun use, and DIY projects. 

1. Creating Sandbox:

We can use the combination of sphere magnets and a bar magnet to create a sandbox used to create fun sand art. In this way, we can easily create fun art pieces.

2. Magnetic games:

The magnetic games include fishing games, electronic rotating toys, etc. Such games are created with the help of magnets.

3. DIY Projects:

We can use some iron nails, sphere magnets, etc., to depict the magnetic properties. We can also use strong magnets, such as neodymium sphere magnets. But, it needs to be handled with care.

4.Fun use:

We can arrange a bundle of sphere magnets in the form of multiple rows and columns. We can also create any fun shape or toy with the help of various sphere magnets.

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