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4 Pin JST-PH-2.0MM Male connector (Pack of 10)

4 Pin JST-PH-2.0MM Male connector (Pack of 10)

4 Pin JST-PH-2.0MM Male connector (Pack of 10)

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Product Highlights

  • PH 2.0mm 4-pin male straight header
  • Voltage Rating: 100V AC,DC
  • Current Rating: 1A AC,DC
  • Contact Resistance: 20mΩ max
  • Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ min
  • Temperature Range: -25°C to +85°C
  • Dielectric Withstanding: 500V AC/Minute
  • Insulation O.D: 1.0mm max
  • Applicable PC board thickness: 1.6mm

The JST PH2.0 connector plays the role of conducting current and connecting signal in electronic equipment. Connectors are easier for professional division of labor, parts replacement, troubleshooting and quick assembly. They are widely used in various equipments because of their stronger and more reliable features.
Pin Pitch: 2.0mm
Base material: nylon
Terminal material: phosphor bronze
Socket material: brass
Withstand voltage: 800V
Rated current: 2A
Contact Resistance: Initial value/10m Ohm max
Temperature range: - 25~85 ℃
Applicable Wire: AWG 32 to 24
Applicable PC Board Thickness: 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm (0.03 inch to 0.06 inch).

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