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39 uH 2100LL-390H-RC Toroid Coil Inductor

39 uH 2100LL-390H-RC Toroid Coil Inductor

39 uH 2100LL-390H-RC Toroid Coil Inductor

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The KEMET PHBC coils are normal mode chokes with a wide variety of characteristics. These coils are designed with Fe-Ni dust cores and are useful in various

fields such as DC/DC converters and differential noise countermeasures.

A toroid is a coil of insulated or enameled wire wound on a donut-shaped form made of powdered iron. A toroid is used as an inductor in electronic circuits, especially at low frequencies where comparatively large inductances are necessary

A toroid works as an inductor, which boosts the frequency to appropriate levels. Inductors are electronic components that are passive so that they can store energy in the form of magnetic fields. A toroid turns, and those turns induce a higher frequency. Toroids are more economical and efficient than solenoids.


Switching power supply outlet

DC-DC converter

Phase compensation

Boost converter

Normal mode noise solution countermeasure



Fe-Ni dust core material

Most suitable for big current applications

Low core loss

High saturation magnetic flux density

Good DC superposition characteristics

Wide variety of sizes and specifications

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1 x 2100LL-390H-RC toroid coil inductor PHBC Series (Fe-Ni)

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