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16A 250V AC DPDT ON-OFF-ON Rocker Switch

16A 250V AC DPDT ON-OFF-ON Rocker Switch

16A 250V AC DPDT ON-OFF-ON Rocker Switch

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Product Highlights

  1. Rating: Max 16A at 250VAC
  2. Switching Mode: ON-OFF-ON
  3. Structure: DPDT
  4. Panel Cut-Out: 25.2 x 21 mm
  5. Material: Plastic and Metal
  6. Colour: Black

This is a basic DPDT ON-OFF-ON Rocker Switch for your projects. No screws required, it simply clips into place. This is a two-pin switch that is easy to use, simply cut one of the two power wires and solder each of the ends to the unit.

This 16A 250V AC DPDT ON-OFF-ON Rocker Switch is perfect for controlling power to electronic circuits, robots, etc. We have carefully selected the best On/Off Rocker Switch with a high load rating and the perfect size to for all general-purpose On/Off applications. This rocker switch has two positions – one on position and another off position. The rocker switch stays in the one till it is pressed and changed to the other position. In simple words, It is a simple push-switch, such as one for a doorbell, has one set of contacts and the on position is only momentary, as soon as you release the switch it goes back to off. This action is called push-to-make (push to close contacts). It has two large pins on the backside to which wires can be soldered and connected to your circuit.

The On-Off-On Rocker Switch is the simplest and easiest power control switch for your project. It comes with tabs on the top and bottom which secure it onto an enclosure without the need for any screws. On and Off positions are clearly marked which help users identify the current switch position during usage.

This switch is great to turn on/off and control DC Motors in Robotics, Car and Motorcycle DC Motors, DC Motors in Industrial Machines, Water Dispensers, etc. We have sourced the best switch with a high load rating of 16A at 250VAC which should be suitable for most applications.

Please note:

1. Switching Mode: ON-OFF-ON

2. Structure: DPDT


Positions Marked on the rocker: I, O (On and Off) for easy identification

Long Switching Life: 50000-100000 cycles

Easy installation, No Screws or Nuts required

Used widely for on/off power control, car, motorcycle, boat, some machines, water dispenser, etc.

*Note: Product may be differ as per shown in image
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