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100uH Axial Inductor (Pack of 10)

100uH Axial Inductor (Pack of 10)

100uH Axial Inductor (Pack of 10)

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Product Highlights :

  • 100uh
  • Axial Inductor
  • Pack of 10

100uH Axial Inductor (Pack of 10)

Features of 100uH Axial Inductor :

  1. High Self-resonant frequency, Low, DCR
  2. Resistor elements have stable characteristics due to thermally and chemically stable materials used
  3. High thermal stability and low surface terperature rise
  4. Low cost with excellent performance
  5. Small size film resistors are suitable for high density circuit applications
  6. Small size & standard size 

Applications of 100uH Axial Inductor :

  1. Switching Regulators
  2. Power Amplifiers
  3. Power Supplies
  4. SCR and Triac Controls
  5. Speaker Crossover Networks
  6. RFI Suppression
  7. Filters
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