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Crystal Oscillators

Today our discussion will be on crystal oscillator where you can purchase different values of crystal oscillator comprising of 3.579 MHz, 32 kHz, 455 kHz, 4 MHz, 8 MHz, 11.0592 MHz, 12 MHz and many more available in the category. Crystal oscillators are mostly used in embedded projects providing oscillations and converting signal from ac to dc.

Basically oscillators are defined as an electronic device which generates oscillating signals typically a sine wave or a square wave. It converts direct current into alternating current. Signals generated through oscillators, help in television and radio broadcasting additionally sound beeps and video game sounds are also generated. The whole process of signal generation is through the principle of oscillation.

In electronics, you will study about different oscillators and their descriptions. Hartley oscillator, Colpitts oscillator, Phase-shift oscillator, Armstrong oscillator, Clapp oscillator, Royer oscillator, Ring oscillator, Multivibrator, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) is few oscillators in electronic industry widely used.

But still more frequently used is the quartz crystal oscillator. It generates an electrical signal of accurate frequency by using crystal resonance composed of piezoelectric material. These oscillators are more stable, has good quality factor and compact architecture. It's used in microprocessors and microcontrollers are operated at 8 MHz. Quartz crystal oscillators contains a serious resonance, parallel resonance, capacitor, resistor and inductor respectively.

This oscillator is basically seen in 8051 microcontroller. It's the basic microcontroller which is initially studied in electronics. It's used in embedded systems. Moreover, it can be seen in military applications, aerospace, navigation, measuring instruments, medical devices, engine controlling, disk drive, marine, telecommunication, cable television systems, clocks, stereo and many more.