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1600 pF, 50 V Ceramic SMD Capacitor 0603 Package (Pack of 10)

1600 pF, 50 V Ceramic SMD Capacitor 0603 Package (Pack of 10)

1600 pF, 50 V Ceramic SMD Capacitor 0603 Package (Pack of 10)

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product highlights

  1. The capacitance range includes E24 decade values from 0.5pF to 0.47µF
  2. EIA 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1808, 1812, 1825, 2220, 2225 case sizes available
  3. DC voltage rating of 10V to 250V
  4. Operating temperature range -55°C to 125°C
  5. Capacitance change is limited to ±30ppm/°C from -55 to 125°C
  6. Capacitance: 1600 pF

The Kemet C series commercial grade multilayer ceramic chip capacitors is Class 1, C0G dielectric material which exhibits no change in capacitance with respect to time and voltage. There will be a negligible change in capacitance with reference to ambient temperature. Standard end terminations use a nickel barrier layer and a matte tin finish to provide the excellent soldering ability for customers. Typical applications include timing, tuning, circuits requiring low loss, circuits with a pulse, high current, decoupling, bypass, filtering, transient voltage suppression, and energy storage. MLCCs are monolithic devices that consist of laminated layers of specially formulated, ceramic dielectric materials interspersed with a metal electrode system. The layered formation is then fired at high temperatures to produce a sintered and volumetrically efficient capacitance device. A conductive termination barrier system is integrated into the exposed ends of the chip to complete the connection.


  1. High thermal stability
  2. High ripple current capability
  3. Extremely low ESR and ESL
  4. No piezoelectric noise
  5. No capacitance decay with time
  6. No piezoelectric noise
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