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68 uF 16V Tantalum Capacitor (Pack of 5)

68 uF 16V Tantalum Capacitor (Pack of 5)

68 uF 16V Tantalum Capacitor (Pack of 5)

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Product Highlights

  • Capacitor: 68uF
  • Voltage: 16V
  • Mounting: Through-Hole
  • Material: tantalum metal
  • Tolerance: 5%

Tantalum capacitor is an electrolytic capacitor, a passive component of electronic circuits. It consists of a pellet of porous tantalum metal as an anode, covered by an insulating oxide layer that forms the dielectric, surrounded by liquid or solid electrolyte as a cathode. Because of its very thin and relatively high permittivity dielectric layer, the tantalum capacitor distinguishes itself from other conventional and electrolytic capacitors in having high capacitance per? volume (high volumetric efficiency) and lower weight.

It is a 68uF 16V Tantalum DIP Capacitor. The capacitor contains an insulator between relative conductors in an electrode. Non-inductive construction using metalized Tantalum film with flame-retardant epoxy resin coating.

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