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0.47 F 5.5V Super Capacitor

0.47 F 5.5V Super Capacitor

0.47 F 5.5V Super Capacitor

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  1. Capacitor: 0.47F
  2. Voltage: 5.5V
  3. Mounting: SMD
  4. Material: Tantalum
  5. Tolerance: -20 to 80%

Super capacitors are perfect for applications where the capacity of a standard electrolytic capacitor is too small and a rechargeable battery is bigger than needed. This 0.47F capacitor will run an LED / Arduino board for 15-20mins


  1. Capacitance : 0.47 F
  2. Maximum operating voltage: 5.5 V
  3. Body shape: Coin type(multi-layer structure)
  4. Tolerance on capacitance: -20 to 80%
  5. Internal resistance(max.) : 30 ohms
  6. Category temperature range: -25?C to 70?C

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