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Robot Kits and Parts is your ultimate destination for all your robotics needs. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, we offer a wide range of high-quality kits and components that cater to your robotics projects.

Our collection includes versatile kits compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, allowing you to explore the full potential of these powerful platforms. With an Arduino kit, you can build and program your robots with ease, utilizing a wide array of sensors, motors, and actuators.

If you prefer the versatility and computational power of Raspberry Pi, our Raspberry Pi kits enable you to create intelligent robots with advanced capabilities, such as computer vision and machine learning.

With Robot Kits and Parts, the possibilities are endless. Build robotic arms, autonomous vehicles, or even humanoid robots. Let your creativity shine as you assemble, program, and customize your robots to suit your vision.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch kits and parts that inspire innovation and foster learning. Explore our wide selection of robot kits and components today and start your journey into the exciting world of robotics.

Pencil Clamp Aluminum
SKU: RM002589
Pencil Clamp is made from high quality anodized aluminum, mainly used to clamp laser or pencil...
₹ 105.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 123.90 (Inc GST)
Channel 8x24x264 Aluminum
SKU: RM002574
Channel 8x24x264 is made from high quality anodized aluminum, mainly used to build robot structure...
₹ 350.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 413.00 (Inc GST)
Channel 8x24x200 Aluminum
SKU: RM002573
Channel 8x24x200 is made from high quality anodized aluminum, mainly used to build robot structure...
₹ 225.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 265.50 (Inc GST)
Plate 9x18 MechanzO Aluminum
SKU: RM002569
Plate 9x18 is made from high quality anodized aluminum, mainly used to build rectangular surface in a robot structure...
₹ 190.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 224.20 (Inc GST)
Plate 6x3 MechanzO Aluminum
SKU: RM002568
Plate 6x3 is made from high quality anodized aluminum, mainly used to build rectangular surface in a robot structure..
₹ 55.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 64.90 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM002597
Idler is made from high quality stainless steel, mainly used to create tension on timing belt between two timer pulleys...
₹ 60.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 70.80 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM000601
A Flange is an external or internal ridge, or rim (lip), for strength, as the flange of an iron beam such as an I-beam or a T-beam. Robomart’s flange is made up of heavy plastic with embedded steel mounts.Features of 3.5cm Diameter Flange:Length of the flange: 15mm.Diameter of the Attached to the mo..
₹ 40.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 47.20 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001352
Introducing the 3.7cm x 1.2cm Shaft Lock, the perfect solution for maintaining optimal positioning and stability of your components. Designed to cater to various engineering and robotics applications, this versatile shaft lock ensures a secure fit while offering exceptional precision and durability...
₹ 25.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 29.50 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001431
Specification:Length: 125mmWidth: 12mmHeight: 3mmCircle Dia: 4mm..
₹ 29.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 34.22 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001510
Torch bulb holder with screw type bulb compatibility and metal screw wire fastener.Features of Torch Bulb with Holder:Good quality plastic for heat resistance.Two holes for mounting on a surface.Applications of Torch Bulb with Holder:Robo head lights.DIY projects requiring a torch bulb...
₹ 20.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 23.60 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001309
Introducing our versatile Plastic Hook – the perfect organizational solution for your home or office! Say goodbye to clutter and tangled messes with this innovative and practical tool.Features of MechanzO Plastic Hook:Easy to use.Easy to interface.Long Life.Applications of MechanzO Plastic Hook:It i..
₹ 35.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 41.30 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM001308
A gear is a rotating machine part having cut teeth which mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque, in most cases with teeth on the one gear being of identical shape, and often also with that shape on the other gear. Geared devices can change the speed, torque, and direction of a power sourc..
₹ 69.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 81.42 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM000621
The Track belt is a loop of flexible material used to mechanically link two or more rotating shafts, most often parallel.Features of 24'' Track Belt:Width of the Track Belt: 25 mm.Length of the Track Belt: 61 mm.Application of 24'' Track Belt:Making a robo tank.Rover robot.DIY projects requiring tra..
₹ 140.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 165.20 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM017066
2 x Acrylic Transparent Robot Smart Car ChassisFeatures:Strong componentsTransparent Car Chassis..
₹ 169.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 199.42 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM003676
Castor wheel is an undriven, single, double, or compound wheel that is designed to be mounted to the bottom of a robot so as to enable it to be easily moved...
₹ 150.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 177.00 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM000653
These are the flash light torch bulbs used in different applications.Features of Flashlight Torch Bulbs:Long life.Ease to use.Application of Flashlight Torch Bulbs:It is used in different places where the requirement is flash light.Also Searched as: Flashlight Torch Bulb, flashlight torch for robot,..
₹ 45.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 53.10 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM000503
Black Line follower Tapes are designed to be ultra-comfortable easily stretched, and extremely moisture resistant. They can be used for various repairs, decorating, mending, color-coding or labeling. Super thin vinyl tapes should be applied to clean, dry and smooth surfaces. Black Line Follower is u..
₹ 25.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 29.50 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM000570
The Jumbo chassis is a mechanical support to the robot for heavy load.Features of Jumbo Chassis:Length: 250 mm.Width: 130mm.Height: 60mm.High durable.High non-flexible.More strength.Lightweight.Has potential safety hazards.Can be re shape easily.Resistant to corrosion.Compression and depression.High..
₹ 120.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 141.60 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM000002
IBOT Mini V 3.0 is a Simple line follower kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature helps in acquiring expertise on basics of robotics programming and Sensor interfacing. If you want to design a line follower/wall follower/edge avoider etc. And if you are a beginner then this one is the best ki..
₹ 1,499.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 1,768.82 (Inc GST)
SKU: RM003545
This is a Longer version of 4 wd double-layer smart car chassis. It comes with the four pairs of Geared Motors and Wheels. All the products included in this car kit are quality products. The chassis used in this kit is transparent to create dynamic handling of the components mounted on your robotic ..
₹ 599.00
( + 18% Gst Extra )
₹ 706.82 (Inc GST)
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