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SKU: RM000383
A C945 transistor is a type of NPN bipolar junction transistor. Circuits where a low-current, high-speed transistor is required will employ a transistor such as C945 transistor. Circuits such as a small-signal amplifier or a high-speed switching circuit might employ one or more C945 transistors.Feat..
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SKU: RM014618
It is an L14G2 Phototransistor. This a silicon phototransistor that is mounted on a narrow-angle. The phototransistor is hermetically sealed.Package Includes:1 x L14G2 Phototransistor...
₹ 151.00
SKU: RM014617
It is an L14G2 Photodarlington. This a silicon Photodarlington that is mounted on a narrow-angle. The Photodarlington is hermetically sealed.Package Includes:1 x L14G2 Photodarlington...
₹ 173.00
SKU: RM014613
It is a BTA16-600B 600V 16A Triac. This is suitable for general purpose mains power AC switching. This can be used as ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation or induction motor starting circuits. The triac is also recommended for phase control operations in light di..
₹ 58.00
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