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Product Highlights

  • Amplifier Class: AB
  • No of Channel:4
  • Input Voltage Range:6-18 V
  • No of Pins:27

cThis is a four-channel audio power amplifier with a 25-watt output. The TDF8541 and TDF8544 are quad Class-AB amplifiers that are controlled via the I2C bus. The TDF8541 and TDF8544 have an asymmetrical or “single-ended” input configuration that produces 25 to 28 W of output power. They operate over a wide voltage range and reduce dissipation and are available in configurations with the Best Efficiency mode. This audio amplification device These advanced Class-AB amplifiers are designed for use in stop/start cars and support listening to audio streams while the car’s internal power supply is down for engine start. They have a voltage range of 6 to 18 volts.


  1. Automotive Head Unit
  2. Automotive Hybrid Sound System


  1. Keeps operating without audible disturbance during engine
  2. start at a battery voltage as low as 6 V
  3.  Low Vp mute level adjustable via I2C (6 V, 8 V)
  4.  Optimized for low pop (guaranteed in test program)
  5. Full (start-up) diagnostics with flexible read-out
  6.  Programmable DIAG pin
  7.  Second clip-detect pin for additional front/rear detection (mid-tone/bass)
  8.  Family approach with graduated output power (25 W, 28 W)
  9.  Compatible with Best Efficiency quad amplifier (25 W, 28 W)
  10.  Best Efficiency Mode with patented low switching distortion
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