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Solder Wire (50 Gm)

Solder Wire (50 Gm)

Solder Wire (50 Gm)

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Product Highlights

  • Inclusions: Solder Wire
  • Power Requirements: Corded, 25 W
  • Not Temperature Controlled
  • Tip: Round, Tin
  • Maximum Temperature: 200 degree C

The solder is a smooth wire combination of Tin and Lead (60% & 40%) used to make connection of wires, Electronic components etc.

Features of Solder Wire (50 Gm):

  • Halide-free solder wire, and suitable for repair operation.
  • Used in tin-lead process.
  • Fast melting, good wetting and expansibility.
  • No break for the core, no splash and no odor.
  • Good solder ability and soldering joints with high brightness and strength.
  • Good mechanical performance.
  • Widely used in electronics, lighting, communication, radio, computer, instruments and other field.
  • Residue is easy to remove by hot air after soldering work if necessary.
  • Available in many alloy composition, other alloy composition are also available.

Applications of Solder Wire (50 Gm):

Solder is required wherever electronic components need to be connected to circuit boards. Even in the age of integrated circuits, most electrical products will include parts that have been soldered through an automated or factory process.

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