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Simple Limit Switch

Simple Limit Switch

Simple Limit Switch

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Brand: Generic

SKU: RM002655

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Warehouse Code: R00019-S04-P01-Z01

Product Highlights:

  • Circuit-SPDT
  • Switch Function-On-Mom
  • Current Rating (Amps)-11A (AC), 6A (DC)
  • Voltage Rating - AC-250 V
  • Voltage Rating - DC-30 V
  • Actuator Type-Lever, Simulated Roller
  • Mounting Type-Chassis Mount
  • Termination Style-Solder, Quick Connect - 0.187" (4.7mm)

A limit switch is an electromechanical device, and it can be considered as a contact sensor that is widely used in many industries to detect the position or presence of an object. This device has good precision and repeatability and it is because these switches make direct contact. So these switches are used in many industries and they can be seen at the end of the mobile element such as a conveyor belt. This switch is capable to detect the presence or movement of an object, it can also determine the passing and end of travel of the object. The limit switch has an actuator so when the device is in contact with the actuator, then the contacts will be operated by the switch so that it can create or break an electrical connection.

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