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Seeed Studio Grove ORP Sensor Kit Pro (HR-O) – IP68

Seeed Studio Grove ORP Sensor Kit Pro (HR-O) – IP68

Seeed Studio Grove ORP Sensor Kit Pro (HR-O) – IP68

₹ 8,249.00

Product Highlights

  1. Range measurement: -2000mV to +2000mV
  2. Resolution ratio: 1 mV
  3. Accuracy: ±15mV
  4. Aero potential point(pH): 7.00±0.30
  5. Slope factor: >96%
  6. Work voltage: 3.3V/5V

Grove – ORP Sensor Kit (HR-O) aims to measure the cleanliness of the water and its ability to break down contaminants. It works with a 5 meters IP68 ORP probe, offering a -2000mV to 2000mV sensing range, operating under 0-80℃ which is a member of the simple-to-use Grove ecosystem and supports Arduino programming. The sensor is environmentally friendly and RoHS certificated.

An ORP Sensor measures the activity of oxidizers and reducers in an aqueous solution, it measures the ability of a lake or river to cleanse itself or break down waste products. Different oxidation-reduction processes and conditions have different ORP values(mV), with aerobic conditions having higher ORP values and anaerobic conditions having lower ORP values. In common conditions like spas, it is widely acknowledged that the safe values are between 650 mV and 750 mV.

For more anaerobic and aerobic environments detection, you will find this sensor amazed that it offers an even wider range measurement and the value of which is from -2000 mV to +2000 mV. It also provides ±15mV sensing accuracy when it operates at 0-60°C.

With such performance, its assembly, operation, and value-read are pretty simple. Being a member of the Grove ecosystem and supported by Arduino, you can easily connect it to any Arduino-support board with a Grove cable and simply read the output ORP value.

Note: If you find white solid granular crystals around the probe shroud after receiving the product, this is normal and please do not worry. It is caused by temperature change, environmental change or redox during the process of delivery. However, it will not affect the nature of the internal potassium chloride solution and the normal operation of the sensor.If you find it, please use a wet paper towel to gently wipe off the crystals on it, please do not let it near your children to avoid accidental ingestion.


  1. Monitor and control oxidation-reduction reactions
  2. Disinfected water detection
  3. Health-friendly water detection
  4. Determine the types of microbial
  5. Dectct anaerobic microbial activity
  6. Wastewater treatment
  7. Aquaculture
  8. Industrial sewage discharge monitoring
  9. Monitor and control oxidation-reduction reactions
  10. Disinfected water detection
  11. Health-friendly water detection
  12. Determine the types of microbial
  13. Dectct anaerobic microbial activity
  14. Wastewater treatment
  15. Aquaculture
  16. Industrial sewage discharge monitoring


  1. Grove ORP Sensor Upgrade: Assemble 5-meters IP68 ORP probe, offering -2000 mV to 2000 mV sensing range, operating under 0-80℃, member of simple-to-use Grove ecosystem
  2. Enhanced Measurement Performance: Maintain ±15mV sensing accuracy at 0-60°C
  3. Working Voltage: Support both 3.3V and 5V working conditions
  4. Exchangeable Sensor Nodes: Support BNC-linker sensor probes
  5. RoHS Certification: Environmentally friendly, assured detection
*Note: Product may be differ as per shown in image
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