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Plastic Chain 6 inch

Plastic Chain 6 inch

Plastic Chain 6 inch

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Brand: Generic

SKU: RM002599

₹ 105.00
Warehouse Code: R00018-S03-P03-Z01

Product Highlights

  • High quality
  • Delrin
  • used with Sprockets

Plastic Chain is made from high quality delrin and mainly used with Sprockets

A plastic chain is a versatile and lightweight type of chain made from durable plastic materials. It consists of interconnected links or loops, similar in design to traditional metal chains. However, the use of plastic as the primary construction material offers a range of benefits, including corrosion resistance, reduced weight, and increased flexibility.

Plastic chains are commonly used for a variety of purposes, including crowd control, indoor and outdoor barriers, decorative purposes, and organizational tasks.

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