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MCT2EM Optocoupler Phototransistor IC DIP-6 Package

MCT2EM Optocoupler Phototransistor IC DIP-6 Package

MCT2EM Optocoupler Phototransistor IC DIP-6 Package

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  • IC Name: MCT2EM
  • Package/Case: DIP-6

The MCTE is an Industry Standard Single Channel Phototransistor. Each optocoupler consists of gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor. These couplers are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed to comply with a 5300 VRMS isolation test voltage. This isolation performance is accomplished through the double molding isolation manufacturing process.

Compliance to DIN EN 60747-5-2(VDE0884)/ DIN EN 60747-5-5 pending partial discharge isolation specification is available for these families by ordering option 1. These isolation processes and the ISO 9001 quality program result in the highest isolation performance available for a commercial plastic phototransistor optocoupler. The devices are available in a lead-formed configuration suitable for surface mounting and are available either on tape and reel or in standard tube shipping containers.


  1. AC mains detection
  2. Reed relay driving
  3. Switch-mode power supply feedback
  4. Telephone ring detection
  5. Logic ground isolation
  6. Logic coupling with high-frequency noise rejection


  1. Interfaces with common logic families
  2. Input-output coupling capacitance < 0.5 pF
  3. Industry Standard Dual-in-line 6-pin package
  4. 5300 VRMS isolation test voltage

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