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LM311 High Speed Comparator

LM311 High Speed Comparator

LM311 High Speed Comparator

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The LM311 devices are single high-speed voltage comparators. These devices are designed to operate from a wide range of power-supply voltages, including ±15-V supplies for operational amplifiers and 5-V supplies for logic systems. The output levels are compatible with most TTL and MOS circuits. These comparators are capable of driving lamps or relays and switching voltages up to 50 V at 50 mA.

Features of LM311 High Speed Comparator:

  • Fast Response Time: 165 ns.
  • Strobe Capability.
  • Maximum Input Bias Current: 300 nA.
  • Maximum Input Offset Current: 70 nA.
  • Can Operate From Single 5-V Supply.

Applications of LM311 High Speed Comparator:

  • It is used as a voltage comparator.

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